EDIFACT,又名UN/EDIFACT(全称为United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport)。是由联合国主导开发制定的国际通用EDI标准。

常见的X12 交易类型有DELFOR, DELJIT, DESADV, IFTMIN, IFTSTA,以下列出所有的EDIFACT 交易类型/Transaction Types供您参考了解。如您想要了解EDIFACT 交易类型细节,请您电话 150-0298-3180 / 177-8250-8152 或是邮件 edi@kasoftware.cn 联系我们联系我们。

交易类型 版本 业务含义
D95A D95B D96A D96B D97A D97B D98A D98B D99A D99B
APERAK Application error and acknowledgement message
AUTHOR Authorization message
AVLREQ Availability request
AVLRSP Availability response
BALANC Balance message
BANSTA Banking status message
BAPLIE Bayplan/stowage plan occupied and empty locations message
BAPLTE Bayplan/stowage plan total numbers message
BERMAN Berth management message
BMISRM Bulk marine inspection summary report message
BOPBNK Bank transactions and portfolio transactions report message
BOPCUS Balance of payment customer transaction report message
BOPDIR Direct balance of payment declaration message
BOPINF Balance of payment information from customer message
BUSCRD Business credit report message
CALINF Vessel call information message
CASINT Request for legal administration action in civil proceedings message
CASRES Legal administration response in civil proceedings message
CHACCO Chart of accounts message
CLASET Classification information set message
CNTCND Contractual conditions message
COACSU Commercial account summary message
COARRI Container discharge/loading report message
CODECO Container gate-in/gate-out report message
CODENO Permit expiration/clearance ready notice message
COEDOR Transport equipment stock and profile report message
COHAOR Container special handling order message
COLREQ Request for a documentary collection message
COMDIS Commercial dispute message
CONAPW Advice on pending works message
CONDPV Direct payment valuation message
CONDRA Drawing administration message
CONDRO Drawing organisation message
CONEST Establishment of contract message
CONITT Invitation to tender message
CONPVA Payment valuation message
CONQVA Quantity valuation message
CONRPW Response of pending works message
CONTEN Tender message
CONWQD Work item quantity determination message
COPARN Container announcement message
COPAYM Contributions for payment
COPINO Container pre-notification message
COPRAR Container discharge/loading order message
COREOR Container release order message
COSTCO Container stuffing/stripping confirmation message
COSTOR Container stuffing/stripping order message
CREADV Credit advice message
CREEXT Extended credit advice message
CREMUL Multiple credit advice message
CUSCAR Customs cargo report message
CUSDEC Customs declaration message
CUSEXP Customs express consignment declaration message
CUSPED Periodic customs declaration message
CUSREP Customs conveyance report message
CUSRES Customs response message
DAPLOS Data Plot Sheet
DEBADV Debit advice message
DEBMUL Multiple debit advice message
DEBREC Debts recovery message
DELFOR Delivery schedule message
DELJIT Delivery just in time message
DESADV Despatch advice message
DESTIM Equipment damage and repair estimate message
DGRECA Dangerous goods recapitulation message
DIRDEB Direct debit message
DIRDEF Directory definition message
DMRDEF Data maintenance request definition message
DMSTAT Data maintenance status report/query message
DOCADV Documentary credit advice message
DOCAMA Advice of an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCAMI Documentary credit amendment information message
DOCAMR Request for an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCAPP Documentary credit application message
DOCARE Response to an amendment of a documentary credit message
DOCINF Documentary credit issuance information message
ENTREC Accounting entries message
FINCAN Financial cancellation message
FINPAY Multiple interbank funds transfer message
FINSTA Financial statement of an account message
GENRAL General purpose message
GESMES Generic statistical message
HANMOV Government Cross Border Regulatory message
ICASRP Cargo/goods handling and movement message
ICSOLI Insurance claim assessment and reporting message
IFCSUM Insurance claim solicitor’s instruction message
IFTCCA Forwarding and consolidation summary message
IFTDGN Forwarding and transport shipment charge calculation message
IFTFCC Dangerous goods notification message
IFTIAG International transport freight costs and other charges message
IFTICL Dangerous cargo list message
IFTMAN Cargo insurance claims message