[Share] 在连接器独立服务器中使用 Windows 授权

The RSSBus Integration Server can manage authentication for application resources and supports Windows authentication. Access policies that use Windows authentication can be defined for any RSSBus connector applications by following this procedure.

Adding Windows Users to the Integration Server

To log on to the RSSBus Integration Server with a Windows user account, the administrator must add the Windows user to the Integration Server, and enable Windows authentication on the web server. Start the RSSBus Integration Server. Click the Welcome button at the top right of the page and select Manage Users. Add a Windows-only user to the RSSBus Integration Server. Add one of the Windows users as an administrator. You can also allow Windows users access to other services and data connectors: see Enabling Windows Authentication for Various Server Resources

Enabling Windows Authentication

The web server that hosts the RSSBus Integration Server offers you a choice between Windows and forms authentication.

Hosted with Embedded Web Server If you are using the embedded web server that is shipped with the connectors, you can enable Windows authentication by right-clicking on the blue RSSBus Integration Server icon in the notification area of the taskbar, and selecting Server Options. In the resulting pop-up menu, change the Authentication Type option to Windows. Hosted in IIS If you are using IIS to host the RSSBus Integration Server, please refer to Microsoft’s documentation for enabling Windows authentication for your version of IIS.

Enabling Windows Authentication for Various Server

Resources Authentication to connector applications’ web services endpoints is managed by the Integration Server. The Integration Server currently supports HTTP Basic authentication and authentication via authtokens which are generated for users by the Integration Server. To enable Windows authentication to the web service endpoints of the connector applications, you will need to edit the Web.config file for that connector. As an example, we will allow access to the OData endpoint of the Salesforce Connector for Windows users who have been authorized in the Integration Server. To do this, open the Web.config file for the Salesforce Connector, which is located in the app’s directory. The Salesforce Connector’s Web.config file should be located here: C:\Program Files\RSSBus\RSSBus Server\www\sfconnector\Web.Config. Next, edit the section that defines the OData.rsc resource in the Web.config file to look like this:

Authorized Windows users can now access the endpoint located at http://myserver/sfconnector/odata.rsc. Note that after editing the OData.rsc entry in the Web.config file, this OData resource will only be accessible to Windows users in the Integration Server.

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